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Typewriter underwood by MrSide Typewriter underwood by MrSide
The goal of this piece was to test my modeling abilities. Even if you can't completely see it with this render, all of the inside of the typewriter is modeled with as much details as I could put in it. It has also been a great texture practice as it is one of the first work I put as much efforts into it on this aspect. I was hoping for a final render of better quality but I am satisfied nonetheless.

I hope the render pleases you as well and I wish you a great day and a half!

This piece was modeled and rendered in 3Ds max and the textures were made in Photoshop.
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Mikeesevern Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013
That is amazing! I would love to know how you even being to imagine how to model some of these you do!
MrSide Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Well, I mostly work with references. This, for instance is a underwood typewriter. It's a pretty popular model and therefore it's fairly easy to find good references for it. Flickr is full of them. Did you had a specific model in mind when asking this question?
Mikeesevern Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
No not really! I just try to model something from my imagination but I can never do it! Then I try something like a Car, or person but it never comes out right! I guess its just more practice I need! The Audi came out quite well I think! But that took me a few days just to get the body! I watch the tutorials on YouTube and CookieBlender but I lose interest as its too annoying to watch, pause, make the change then go back onto the video! I just want a site that tells me how to do everything! for example! I wanted to know how to make a new seam in a model! and it took me an hour to find out that you only have to use ctrl+r and it does it! I watched a lot of videos to find this! The Wiki.blender is cool but is confusing! :(
JohnWire Featured By Owner May 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Impressionnant...vraiment très bien rendu, sérieusement Pour seul critique se serait au niveau de l'éclairage. Soit ton plancher de bois est pas régulier où il est mouillé, mais je ne suis pas certain des taches de lumiere épapillé un peu partout. La lumière fait partit de la composition, même si c'est pas évident a rendre. Celle de la machine et a l'avant plan est impec. Bravo !

Autre point...c'est beaucoup trop petit comme présentation ! On voit à peine les détails !
MrSide Featured By Owner May 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Okay, je vais tellement changer ce plancher quand je vais en avoir l'occasion.XD À peu près tout le monde me le reproche.XD Le pire est que ce n'est pas tant la faute du plancher mais plus du système d'éclairage mais c'est pas grave, peu importe à qui la faute le résultat est le même, le plancher gosse.>.<

Merci du comment!
rikere Featured By Owner May 3, 2012
Texturing is... really an art-form in and of itself... I'm not the greatest with it and depending on what/how I'm doing something, things vary, but I tend to use the painting feature in blender... If I didn't use that, I'd have Autodesk Mudbox or something like it. What I think the difficulty is, is that Photoshop can only do so much to help you texture, but if you view it in a 3D space, its just like painting a desk, door, wall or similar thing.

The front text that felt off to me had a big "NO 5" on teh left... I figured the Underwood Text behind the keys was blurry due to image resolution....

To fix the resolution issue, I'd have redone the image quickly with vectors. Basically load it into Photoshop, Gimp, Illustrator, Inkscape or if you are really bored, some 3D program and outline everything with curves (or in the 3D's case, model it)... Then just fill and apply color. As vectors are absolutes, you can pretty easily scale them and make them using a background image for reference.

On your metal texture, I'd have gone with a clean, reflective material then, rather than the cloudy/dirty one. Depending on what era this came from, its possible that they could've had the plate-like metals to make it...
rikere Featured By Owner May 1, 2012
I'm gonna be the critic here, especially on your textures...

So now,your text on the very front really stands out as having an issue... It appears that the texture on the front is too low in resolution. From the angle this is at, it appears to be blured beyond what is reasonable. Its colors also seem duller than the rest of the textures such as the Underwood text behind the keys...

The Keys themselves, I have a few bits to nitpick here... They appear to be perhaps suffering the same resolution issue as the front text, but, I can't be sure as that could just be an effect of your specularity... If its the specularity, I kinda feel that the spec isn't quite right. Mind you I've never seen a typewriter this old, it just feels off to me.

Moving on to the next texture, there's the frame-like shape on the left. It appears to fit and is the right resolution, but its colors are really dull compared to the other textures which makes it feel as though it doesn't fit. In a sense, that could be part of my problem with the keys too, they feel duller than everything else in color.

Following that same 'dull' sense, I feel like the silver pieces are really a heavy contrast to the rest of the design. They're bright, shiny and clean, yet, the rest of the model appears to have some level of grunge/not-as-clean design to its textures. Part of this feel comes from perhaps the texture on the black parts. The black parts look like they're using a cloud texture type thing where the blacks and greys alternate a bit... to me it suggests the metal is a bit dusty or dirty like coal, maybe its well greased up to run well... but that doesn't show up around the bright silver pieces like regular wear-and-tear or anything...

As a plus, I like the various little markings. The silver piece at the very front appears to have many small markings in it and the black roller behind it has similar, long markings (which could be bump maps or model detail, I can't tell from the angle/res.) Those little details make it a very nice product...

Now though, my final grievance is in your background... the wood texture is nice, but the specular map on it makes me think its a gym floor where the wax isn't worn through evenly everywhere (which makes your specularity/reflections really wonky)... That or there's an ocean on top of the wood or a lot of odd things for it to reflect...

Model wise, its okay, it doesn't jump out at me, but I see where the details are...All of the little pieces for the moving type, there appears to be some sort of gearing in the back, the roller, alignment/justification pieces, its nice to see all of them there...
MrSide Featured By Owner May 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
This is why I hate textures. It takes me three more times then the modeling and the final result is less appealing then only the modeling with an ambient occlusion. How depressing is that?

Hm... By the text on the really front, do you mean the big "Underwood" with the logo on the top of the typewriter? If yes, yeah, you're right. I couldn't find hi definition references of it and had to compose with a lower resolution image of it. I guess one solution other then scaling it up (which is the one I did) would have been to recreate it by hand but I don't have the skills to do that.

If you're talking about the underwood on the front with the lines around it, then I think it doesn't miss resolution and the problem must probably come from the render settings that were not at the highest.

The keys don't miss resolution on the diffuse pass. However, as for the rest of the typewriter, I didn't give any specular map to them and I think the brightness of the diffuse map of the keys does not fit with the rest of the piece and that may be why they seem off. ( I do agree with you on the point btw)

For the metal part, I was tired of making textures and I was at the stade of the project where you just want(and had because I had a time limit for this) to end it. SO I put a perfect flawless metallic material on it. I know it looks bad, I knew it back then too, but I just had to move to something else.^^'

The markings are mostly artifacts or mistakes of my part (like forgetting to remove a bump map that didn't had its place there). It is funny that they ended up improving the look of the model instead of decreasing it. It is an happy accident I guess.

For the wood texture, the same thing then for the metallic part happened. I chose a generic wood material and just drop it on the floor so it wouldn't be a gray nothing. I've received many interrogations on the reflections on it and I thing the cause of them is within the HDRI image I used to lighten the scene. If I recall correctly, it was an outside picture with trees so probably the strange specular on the grounds comes from the light coming out of the leaves or something. I should probably test with other HDRI images.

Thanks for taking the time to write me this huge critic. I'm sorry that most of the answers to you points were "I was tired" or " I'm no good with texture" but I'll try to keep in mind what you pointed out to me in my next creations. =P

Thanks again and have a great day!
Monsterwave Featured By Owner May 1, 2012  Student General Artist
Wow, I'm impressed! There is so many details. Nice work :thumbsup:
But there is a thing bugging me. The typewritter seems quite old except for the metaly parts on top. Maybe some ageing like a little bit of rust would be good.
MrSide Featured By Owner May 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I so hate textures right now.... T.T

You're right.=P Most of the typewriter is textured in photoshop where I "tried" to give it an old look. For the metallic parts, I've used a mental-ray metallic material with absolutely no texture map which explain why it is so perfect compared to the rest of the typewriter.

So you're right, technically, to create a better render with this piece, I should put some rust or dirt on the metallic parts but I am currently tired of that project and textures aren't really appealing to me so it will wait before I make those changes. That's how lazy I am.=P

Thanks for your suggestions! I'll try to not make the same mistake on my next creations.
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