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So I have been making tutorials for the Blender game engine for about 4 weeks now and I must admit it completely kills me. No, frankly, this stuff takes so much preparation, research, practice and side work, it is amazing. And now, after more than 1 hour of video, I am still not happy with my voice and accent.XD I still get confused with my verb tenses, I often misspell words and worst of all, I still get blanks while explaining. Those errors make me restart the whole recording over and over as I didn't find a good video editing software yet. The good thing is that I keep learning as I deepen and test everything before I include them in my tutorials.. but yeah... that's still hell lot of work.

I'm kind of glad about it though. They are not really popular yet and the feedback is almost absent, but I have the feeling I'm doing a good job... except on the speaking. >.<
rikere Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2011
If you want, I could probably edit a tutorial or two for you. I've got FCE and every open source video editor known to man (or at least, pretty close).

The key is that you keep doing takes on things and if needed reshoot a few times... If you want perfection. From a video standpoint, when the crews go out on a shoot for a major production, they shoot and shoot and shoot until everything is perfect or as close as anyone is going to get....

If you can manage to live with some issues, don't worry about them, correct your mistake as your speaking and keep going. Its honeslty, how a lot of real time things are done. News anchors will stop, repronounce what they say wrong and keep going or if they really mess up, say "sorry, its..." or in some way correct themselves.
MrSide Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for your offer to edit the videos but I'll try your second suggestion that it to work and work them again until I manage to get better with them. I already started to see some improvement in my speaking and speed but there is still a lot to do.

Thanks again and have a great day. =P
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