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So the last weeks have not been really constructive in my case. I'm still working on the fire simulation video I was talking about but I've manage to loss my records so I'll have to do it again and as English is not my primary language and that I don't speak it too often, it is harder then I though to make a speaking video in English. =/ Hope my voice won't make your ears bleed. =P I'm also lacking motivation on the rin model. The good news is that Her eyes texture is made but I still don't know how I'll rig her body and I can't make a choice. However, I have made some pretty interesting progress in the blender game engine (yay).

Tip of the week : Some settings I wish I had knew before :
Okay, so this week tip will be about some hidden settings that I have just discovered and that I think should be turned on by default. Go in the User preferences window (ctrl alt u) and you should see a "continuous grab" checkbox. This setting will teleport your mouse the other side of the screen when you reach the end of it while performing a transformation. This is incredibly useful with sliders that are near the end of the screen as they can be difficult to set to their maximum or minimum value without it. The next setting we will look at will be the orbit style. By default it is set to trackball, change it to turnable. I don't have a clue on how trackball work but turnable just feels so much better and natural to me that I highly recommend you to change it.  That's it for this week, I hope these tips were useful to you and I wish you a great day!
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October 11, 2011


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